High Frequency FX Trader Full-time

at Price Capital in London (Published at 14-01-2013)

Position: High Frequency FX Trader
Location: London, United Kingdom
Remuneration: Highly Competitive

We are looking for a High Frequency Trader with a solid track record to join us at our new site in London.

Price Capital is one of the most profitable quantitative and fundamental proprietary FX trading firms in the world. By engaging team work and cutting edge technology we believe we will continue to succeed in our business.

Opportunity exists for an experienced quantitative FX trader to join our new trading unit in London. FX is a key part of Price Capital’s business and there are huge rewards on offer for the right person.

We re-invest a large % of profits in trading tools and infrastructure, and insist on being the best in class on any market we trade on. We have access to all major FX ECN’s and liquidity pools and combined with investments in new hardware and latency reducing technology, we offer probably the best platform available for profitable FX trading strategies in London.

You will only be reporting to the Head of FX in London rather than having a complex chain of command, and there will be no internally competing trading groups for the foreseeable future. There are significant shared services that can be utilised by any trader in the company, such as bac-ktesting facilities and trade assistants, etc.

There are favourable arrangements on offer for any trader with a good track record and very high payouts on % of net PnL. IP protection can be written into contracts and your group will not have your trading profits/losses set off against others.

The ideal candidate will have been trading FX at high frequencies or ultra-high frequencies in a major bank, hedge fund or at another proprietary trading company.

Ideally you will have historical trading strategies that can be replicated on better infrastructure, but you should be smart enough to devise new ones if that is not possible.

You should have a Sharpe >3 over a reasonable time period in live trading, and have experience of developing your own strategies from start to finish rather than replicating other peoples.

Competence in at least one major programming language is a necessity (C++/Java).

We understand that most of the candidates for this role are not looking for a job and may want to be discreet in their approach. Best is to apply from your private email for a confidential conversation.

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